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Denla British School provides all students with an outstanding international style, British independent day school education that will prepare them well to be a critical part of an increasingly competitive global environment. The school embraces the principles of a UK independent day school, providing opportunities for co-curricular activities and enhanced curriculum time. The English National Curriculum sets out a clear and full entitlement to the learning for all students. It determines the content of what should be taught and sets targets for learning. It gives teachers, students and parents a clear understanding of the skills and knowledge that students will gain at DBS.

The curriculum at Denla British School emphasises the importance of English language, Maths, Science, Thai language and Culture, Mandarin, and entrepreneurship and innovation, complemented by an excellent programme for the Arts, Sports, Music and Drama. It has been designed to stimulate, challenge and support all students.

The curriculum is under-pinned by a Well-being programme that is a fundamental part of the curriculum, and is reflective of the Thai ethos. It promotes the acquisition of skills necessary for achievement e.g. time management, and an opportunity to practise self-control, decision-making and management of stress. Good mental and physical health are paramount to happiness. Mindfulness and reflection are important elements of every child’s journey through DBS.

Subject specialist teaching is a feature of the School with children benefiting from the experience of teachers with specific subject expertise, as early as EY1 in Thai, Mandarin, Sports and Music. Subjects are taught in departmental areas to gives students the advantage of specialist facilities such as laboratories, art studios, computer suites, design technology workshops and modern language spaces.

The Library is located at the heart of Denla British School and holds a stock of fiction from which students may borrow. The curricular provision is regularly reviewed to ensure that it best serves the interests of all students, and departments are responsible for the development of their particular subject area.